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Empowered Resolution Through Guided Communication.

Family Law, Parenting Coordination, Parenting Plan ModificationDivorce Coaching, Review CounselMediation, Educational Advocacy and Insurance Policy Guidance.

Holt Law, LLC, was founded to guide you and your family towards the efficient resolution of legal issues that affect you every day. All families and every conflict is unique and Attorney Holt has the experience to offer guidance and generate options. Don't live in fear any longer. Reach out now and  get back on your path forward.

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Find Your Voice

Let Holt Law empower your family as you begin the journey forward.

 Exceptional legal advice and representation requires an attorney to understand not just the law, but the truly unique needs and circumstances of each client. This firm exists precisely because you deserve specifically tailored advice,  individual guidance and creative alternatives to resolve conflict affordably. 

Advocacy, Empathy, Collaboration

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Let us help you see the forest for the trees.

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No one knows your situation as well as you do. With over a decade of mediation experience, let Attorney Holt guide you to your best resolution; whether it's a family, employment or business dispute.

Mediation allows parties to discreetly and affordably play a direct role in the guided resolution of their conflict. It also allows parties to maintain and rebuild important relationships going forward.

Collaborative Family Law

Maintain autonomy and control over your family.

Having dedicated legal representation does not mean that every disputed issue must be dragged into court and impact your family economically and emotionally. Collaborative family law embraces a paradigm shift, where two committed lawyers, each protecting the unique interests of their respective client, work together, with the assistance of a neutral financial professional and mental health professional. This allows for efficient and holistic resolution  of difficult family decisions. 



Parenting Coordination

Your family, your future. As parents, you are in the best position to know the needs of your children, but it's natural to have disagreements.  Sometimes even great parents need a little guidance.

A Parenting Coordinator works directly with families and any approved collateral resources, to facilitate improved communication and keep conflicts out of the court system whenever possible. 

Insurance Policy Guidance

Your insurance company understands the policy, so should you.  You should not have to be an insurance expert to read your policy and effectively submit and navigate your claim. Know your rights under the policy, and get the coverage you paid for.



Educational Advocacy

Your child has rights and their school has responsibilities to meet their educational needs. Whether you need support reviewing or implementing a 504 or individualized education plan (IEP), understanding your rights is crucial.



"Brendan's experience is second to none. He helped us create a parenting plan that reflected what was best for our children. Brendan is very skilled at helping parents compromise and come to agreements on what works for their kids. It is our hope to continue to utilize Brendan's services at least twice a year to review and update any necessary changes as co-parents. I always feel confident in Brendan's ability to help us address any issues of contention. I leave his office feeling as though our meetings are always a success."

"Mr. Holt assisted my ex-wife and I to come to a middle ground on incorporating a new visitation schedule for our child. He is extremely patient and encouraged us to be the same during the process. He helped me in the use of correct wording dealing with my points I was trying to make."

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Thank you for visiting the Holt Law, LLC site. We intend to provide general information, and this should not be construed as legal advice. If you are looking for advice on a specific matter, please contact us directly. We strongly advise you to not disclose personal or confidential information until an attorney-client relationship has been established.

88 Bradley Rd, Woodbridge, CT 06525, USA

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"Strength without flexibility is rigidity, and flexibility without strength is instability."

~Morihei Ueshiba

Attorney Holt is committed to helping you find balance as you protect your rights and achieve your goals. All while being mindful of your budget, personal relationships and your family

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